Check please

The school is having an awards assembly today so i took this chance to present the check to the school. When we got there we put the benches on the stage and put on the plaques.image6 (2).JPGimage5 (3).JPGBrock Smith, the librarian and the kids.After the school song Kim Morton gave me an award for building the benches then i presented the school the check, The check was made out to $1,620. The school librarian was very! happy.Check out the video:

image1 (4).JPGimage2 (4).JPGimage3 (6).JPGimage4 (4).JPG

Built the benches

I got up at 6 o’clock and my mom was already making burritos, i could smell it from upstairs.I loaded up the can then me and my dad went to Andy Zinniger house. We precut all the wood and put them into kits. we everyone came we eat the good burritos and got to work. I gave everyone instructions on building the benches. Then everyone broke off into group and quickly got started.
unnamed (9).jpgunnamed.jpg

There was alot of people there so, we were able to finish much faster than suspected. I was very glad so see all my friends and leaders there to support me. When we were finished we ate some Chick -Fil-A  and enjoyed them on the benches.image3 (5).JPGunnamed (11).jpgimage2 (3).JPGimage1 (3).JPG


Let’s Start Building

On Saturday, my Dad, Andy Zinniger and David Parker (and I), met at Home Depot to buy the material we need to build a prototype at Andy’s  house,




We did have some problems with the measurements when building it, but we got through it! We built the frame! Whoo hoot! All that is left are the 4 pieces of wood left that will make the seat of the bench.





Can’t wait to finish my Eagle Project. One step closer to finishing!


Eagle Counselor Approves Final Plans!

Finally got ALL the signatures required to start working on my project! All of my leaders and my Counselor have signed. Time to buy some wood! I can’t wait…I’m finally close to being done. On Saturday, I will be buying the Trek needed to build a prototype. I need to see if it will function properly. I will be building with David Parker, Andy Zinniger and Joe Lenz. I can’t wait to start. Thank you for being  patient with me. I will keep you posted!

Finally Plans are Approved by the District 

Yesterday I met with Ron and Brook Smith from the district and also Kim Mortan ,Kerry Perez and David Parker were also there too. We met to get the plans approved.  The only problem they had was the landscaping due to the integration so it can’t be placed where we originally wanted it. We decided for me to start building but not to worry about the location of the benches.

Now we need to start buying the materials and start building. I am so excited to start building.

“People Helping People” PMCU 

img_1911A few weeks ago I reached out to Pacific Marine Credit Union in hopes that they would donate to my project.

Yesterday, I met with Jennifer Topzand the Marketing Director. She helped to facilitate the donation and she also graciously made it possible for any employee who wanted to be part of the “Green Bracelet” campaign would be able to donate.

From the minute I walked into the building everyone there was so nice, friendly and welcoming. I felt an outpouring of support from employees. I ran out of bracelets and the employees continued to make donations.They told me what I great job. Many shared stories of family members who are Eagle Scouts as well. One Lady even told me one of your nephews is have a Court of Honor Ceremony this weekend in Texas.



It’s so amazing to live in a community where the businesses and community members are supportive of schools and the Boy Scouting program.
I was so excited when Jennifer gave me the check on behalf of the Pacific Marine Credit Union. Group picture representing Temple Heights, Pacific Marine Credit Union and BSOA.
Thank you Pacific Marine Credit Union!!!!

Please visit Pacific Marine Credit Union centrally located off College Blvd in Oceanside. Their address is: 1278 Rocky Point Drive, Oceanside CA 92056

They have really low rates on used auto loans and I found out they have student savings accounts. They even give you a piggy bank that the kids can color when opening an account for children.

When Pacific Marine Credit Union says their motto is “People Helping People“… they truly mean it! 


Today I went to the new CHP office in Vista. I spoke with Sargent Salas to talk about the CHP participating in the Green Bracelet Campaign. He asked me to send him a proposal via email and also give him bracelets in hopes of getting as many officers as possible to participate.
Stay tuned…

Ralph’s… Our Friendly AND Supportive Store

Today I went to Ralph’s and met with the Store Manager, Terese. She was very helpful and very friendly. I told her all about my project. Not only did she buy bracelets but she told me to sumbit a letter to Ralph’s for a space on the plaque. 

Ralph’s has been our favorite super market since we moved to Oceanside. Everyone that works at Ralph’s is very helpful and friendly and they do it with a smile on their face. Not only are they the low price leader but they are truly invested in our community. Please support your local Ralph’s. 

If your in Oceanside please shop at Ralph’s on Oceanside and College. It’s  a short mile from Temple Hights Elementary School.